Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I have a dream to run a marathon!!!

I'm running along the lovely streets of Toronto, running on Yonge Street, pacing my beautiful self so well, barely sweating, staying strong...I'm wearing this sexy tanktop that I have endowed with gorgeous artwork. The shirt says and at the back it says, African by birth, radiant by heart. I'm steadily progressing at least 6 miles per hour and running all through the city with folks cheering me on shouting "Go African!"
I feel like I can fly! Wow!!! I'm running along Eastern Avenue and suddenly I see huge lime green posters with flourescent orange lettering "Run, African, Run!" "We all love you!" and my family is right there on the sidewalk cheering for me with these lively signs!! My brother Tariro is pulling faces to try and make me smile! I smile and wave and accelerate to 6.5 mph. Wow!!! This is amazing. I run past my house and all the way on the Martin Goodman trail. I can see Lake Ontario, the weather is mild and the sunshine is peeking slightly through the clouds. A perfect autumn day with carpets of pretty leaves of brown and orange hues decorating my city, Toronto. Suddenly I can see the finish line! Wow- I accelerate - 7mph. I am African girl-goalsetter, goalachiever. Now I am a marathoner. I am blessed and beautiful. I cross the finish line. I'm flying and crying with joy!!! My friends and family are there to hug me and give me lovely Evian spring water...I have arrived to this leg of my journey. I can rest for a moment, but as N.Mandela said- "I dare not linger, for my long walk is not yet ended"

This race is a journey of love. A race to honor those living and gone. For my friend and running partner's father who passed in 2008, for my relatives who have passed on, for the peace I have in my path, for my family, for being true to myself, for strength and vision. For dreams. For shine!

One year from now, I will be a marathon runner. This blog will document my journey from couch potato to marathon runner...Read, encourage, cheer me on!

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MaRhonda said...

I have never cried before reading a blog entry, but because this is also a dream of mine I sit here in puddles of water. Reading this so touched me! May you have the best life.